About us

It was year 2007 when our Mlive Magazine took its place on our agenda first as a concept and later with its name. Although by that time it was one of the projects and activities planned for our association MOBSAD we have been waiting for two years to catch the right moment.

In the meantime we have studied the institutions which were publishing magazines in different sectors and determined the important features which would be important reference points for us.

Our start idea was to create in any casesomething which would emphasize in the foreground a visual value concordant to the slogan “exalt the crafts, encourage the creativity” which defines the vision of MOBSAD which is a distinguished group manufacturing the most beautiful furniture in the world and with the highest added value.

The basic concept of Mlive was to become a means of interior communication as soon as the association and its members would find a common ground. The interest aroused by its first editions in October 2009 was far beyond our expectations, fact which self designed its mission. Starting with the 3rd edition, the magazine became a national periodical publication which expanded beyond the somehow tight borders of both the association and the sector taking its place on the publication dealer shelves as a “home and lifestyle magazine”.

It was “special” because this magazine introduced today’s high added value furniture to its readers. However, this feature which makes the magazine really “special” represents also a difficulty because it takes great efforts to organize the contents of a more than four hundred pages magazine covering mainly the products and collections of about seventy MOBSAD members. Despite the criticism Mlive has not deviated from its line. We pay utmost attention to avoid the presentation of import furniture and also the furniture of low added value. The only exception is the references made to the iconic designs in our articles concerning the furniture culture.

Mlive, the contents of which are taken as example even by foreign licensed magazines from time to time, came on the arena just in time for the furniture sector in our country. The end consumers who became aware that they can find in their own country the high quality furniture in line with the world trends, have changed their perception of domestic v.s. foreign products. From this point of view, Mlife created a very important differentiation platform both for the producer and the consumer.

We would appreciate to have your precious suggestions and comments concerning our magazine, of which the previous editions could be followed interactively in, all your views and ideas will enrich us.